What is expEDIum Medical Billing (eMB) Solution?

expEDIum Medical Billing is a feature-rich, secure Web based Medical Billing and Practice Management Software that is available at affordable monthly based subscription model. Our clients are using eMB as a solution for processing electronic claims, managing patient database, managing patient ledgers, scheduling appointments, verifying eligibility, generating various reports, managing whole claim life cycle, dashboards and more. Solution processes both UB-04 and HCFA-1500 claims (Electronic and Paper).

Does eMB has EMR module?

NO. expEDIum Medical Billing Software is a complete Web based Medical Billing and Practice Management Solution and does not include Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Does eMB support multiple clearinghouses?

Though our preferred clearinghouse is Office Ally and all our current installations are using Office Ally we are not tightly integrated with any one clearinghouse. For large business opportunities, we are open to connecting to another clearinghouse.

What is the price of the Software?

expEDIum Subscription price can be requested via email at sales@itechws.com

Is there a charge for upgrades/updates?

NO. There is no additional cost involved for the software upgrades/updates. Roughly, every 6-weeks we upgrade our software without disturbing our client(s) workflow. A release note describing the changes is also circulated. You can refer to https://www.itechws.com/releasenote.

What specialties does eMB support?

eMB’s billing module is designed based on HIPAA X12N data standards & HCFA-1500 and UB-04 form standards. expEDIum Product also supports various HIPAA code lists and many features are driven out of HIPAA standard codes and descriptions. Most of our present clients are Multi Specialty Hospitals, Public Health Clinics, CABHA/Mental Health Clinics, Behavioural Health Therapists/ Counselling Centres, OB/GYN, Gastroenterology Clinics/Surgery Centers, Ambulatory Surgery Centres (ASCs), Podiatrists, Hospital Internists, EMS/Ambulance Agencies, Thoracic Surgery, Pharmacies, etc.

How many Providers are currently using eMB?

We have over 250 clinics and 2500 providers using our system – these numbers are a mix of above-mentioned specialties though predominantly from Public Health Clinics, Behavioural and GI. All of the combined process over 5M HIPAA transactions per year.

We (the clinic) are a start-up. Initially, we shall be signing up with only a few doctors but moving forward we are going to have 100s of doctors. How scalable your software is? Do you think our growth can handle by your software?

Yes, eMB is a scalable solution. Our software has the capability to process tens of thousands of claims in a day and several hundred users can be concurrently online at any given point of time. In fact, one of our partners has over 2000 providers in the system, over 5000 billers/operators setup with over 600 users concurrently logging in. They process an average of 250k claims in recent months (1Q 2021).

How do you interface with existing EHR/ePCR/Clinical Applications?

Billing and Practice Management software generate data in expEDIum proprietary XML, 837P, or CSV formats which is then taken as input by expEDIum Medical Billing.

In case of EMR/ePCR, expEDIum Medical Billing solution has a secure web services interface through SOAP using which an EMR/EHR/Clinical Solutions can connect securely to send patient payloads and claim payloads in expEDIum XML or HL/7. Screen shots are available that show how eMB integrate with any EMR at https://www.itechws.com/emr-screenshots

We also have Web APIs and REST APIs to integrate with an EMR product. We have an API documentation that describes our interfacing in greater detail and that can be provided on request.

Your Software would meet our current requirements. What about future requirements? We are a growing company.

We deliver a product that is kind of “best of practices fit” to our clients. We are flexible and work closely with our customers to deliver their current & future requirements. We keep adding more relevant features based on our internal research and also per customer requests; we prioritize them and implement it. Please note our software is never static. You can peruse some of our release note from https://www.itechws.com/releasenote to determine the kind of features we add in each upgrade.

Where are you based out of?

We are based in Bangalore, India. All of our partners and clients are from USA only at this time.

What do you offer in the way of customer support?

Currently, we provide support through emails, skype chat, remote meeting and phone. Unlimited support is included in the monthly subscription.

What types of reports expEDIum Medical Billing Software can create?

The expEDIum Medical Billing Software has about 60 readymade reports and over 100 reports if all flavors of reports are considered. A short document describing these reports can be share on request. iTech keeps adding more reports per our internal research and per our client’s specific requests. We also have a longer Reports user manual available on our help server at https://help.expedium.net

How long does it typically take to implement expEDIum Medical Billing Solution?

Within a day you can start sending electronic claims to Commercial Payers (Payers that do not need enrolments) and receive ERAs too. However, for payers that need enrolments for electronic claims submission and/or receipt of ERAs, it would take a handful of days based on how fast the enrolment process can be completed.

What about the data migration from “legacy” systems?

Our software supports standard patient demographics import in the system. Currently software supports CSV, XML and HL/7 file types. We need to review and understand more about the data which you need to migrate in eMB. There will be a small fee on non-standard data migration.

What are the operating Systems supported by eMB?

The reason that eMB software is hosted on Cloud Infrastructure and that it is browser-based application, this question is irrelevant. eMB can be accessed securely from standard browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer irrespective of the underlying backend operating system such as Windows Server 2012 or later or Linux or anything else. We use PostgreSQL as the DBMS and J2EE platform to host eMB.

Where are the servers hosted?

All our cloud servers are hosted in the United States. Please note various HIPAA Security aspects are taken care of including encryption on store and security during transmission of various data elements and various other recommended HIPAA safeguards. Please note the data entered into the system is owned by the respective clients and there are various export mechanisms available for the clients to export their respective data.

Do you have fail-safe policies?

Yes, we do. We can send you our fail-safe policy details on request. The granular Point-in-time-recovery (PITR) databases are backed up securely to another secure server very frequently.

Do you sign a Business Associate Agreement?

Yes, we do sign a business associate agreement with all our clients or partners. We can share more information regarding the various administrative, physical & technical safeguards we take in order to be compliant with the HIPAA Security rules.

We don’t want to use cloud based software, can we privately host the software?

Our expEDIum Solution is architected in such a way that it can be cloud based or privately hosted but we privately host expEDIum only for large businesses. Please contact us at sales@itechws.com for more details.