Healthcare application integration with expEDIum using HL/7

expEDIum is a secure, robust PMS medical billing software with several features, including patient demographics & patient appointment scheduler. Note that we have a handful of clinics where the Patient appointment scheduler and Patient demographics modules are used for fixing patient appointments and patient registration. The appointments data and patient demographics data that come into expEDIum can be synched up with the EMR using expEDIum XML or HL/7 SIU (Scheduling Information Unsolicited) and ADT (Admissions, Discharges, and Transfers) messages. This support has been added in expEDIum v5.8.

expEDIum supports secure APIs that can be used for easy integration with EMR & clinical applications, thus providing a seamless EMR + PMS solution with clearinghouse access built in.  expEDIum supports CSV, XML, standard EDIs such as 837P & 837I, HL/7 as a mode of exchanging data with other medical software.

Although the earlier versions of expEDIum had supported HL/7 from v2.3 to v2.6,  data snippets were not fully synced with the custom fields available in expEDIum ’s patient demographic & appointment scheduler database.  In expEDIum v5.8, iTech has added 14 additional fields to HL/7 ADT and one additional field in HL/7 SIU to make the data transfer more robust and complete.

The support for HL/7 opens up expEDIum to be integrated with a wider variety of Healthcare applications as many of them natively support HL/7.

iTech is working on supporting DFT (Detailed Financial Transactions) message type too to be able to support receiving of electronic superbills or to be able to send fully formed claims back to other healthcare systems that natively support HL/7.

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